Lost Pines Cowboy Church is a place for new beginnings where we place a higher value on relationships and community than we do positions and possessions.  At cowboy church, it doesn't matter what you look like, what you do or where you've been.  Boots or suits, open fields or offices, horses or Harleys, bruised, battered, beaten or just plain bored... it doesn't matter.  You are always welcome here.  Most people who come to visit stay.  The reason is always the same; they feel at home.  Come as guests, leave as family.
Join us for
Sunday Service at 10:30am
Pastor Greg Long

334 Roemer Road
Elgin, TX 78621
(512) 281-6644
​"So often we feel that there isn't anyway that we can be loved by or used by the Lord, but I am proof that He has forgotten our past. Jesus can and will use us if we have faith in Him and make ourselves available to Him. All you have to do is say 'yes' to Him."
- Joey Miller Lay Pastor 
​"I love Lost Pines Cowboy Church. There is a sweet spirit in it, and I know that it is the presence of the Lord. I ask for everyone's prayers so that I can be of service to God, Pastor Greg, and Lost Pines Cowboy Church."
- Art Wilkerson Lay Pastor

"It was great to be the first smile and friendly greeting to those who entered our wonderful church!! To make them feel as welcome as we did the first time we entered those doors, was such an amazing and uplifting feeling!!"  - Misty Hendrick

​"What a privilege it was to be a greeter on Easter Sunday! I cannot wait for the next assignment to serve our Father. Truly I am so grateful to have found a church family that adopted me as well as I adopted them. I have found a home for my soul." 
- Anita Wicke

"When you're at that door greeting people as they come in, you not only get to see all the members you already know, but you get to meet new ones. You get to be the first to welcome them."   - Patsy Gibson 
Join us this Sunday for worship for Wisdom: Part 3 It pays to discover!
The Bible is full of miraculous, sometimes seemingly unbelievable events – floods; water turned to wine; lame, leprous and blind people healed; resurrection from the dead? I know there is hope for heaven but what about hope for tomorrow? In this series, we are going to discover a principle that even if you are not a Christian will save you lots of pain, money and tears.

​Join us this Sunday as we learn how to apply wisdom to our daily lives!

Now Hiring childcare workers

​Lost Pines Cowboy Church is hiring childcare workers for Sunday mornings during worship services.  Hiring workers for children ages infant through 5th Grade.

Must be at least 18 years old
Must have at least six months experience providing childcare
Criminal background check is required
$15.00 per hour

If you are interested, please contact Alexis Paclik at 512-281-6644 or email a resume to

Wednesday Night Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
April 25th Starting a new four week series
"Getting to Know Jesus"
Contact Joey Miller, Lay Pastor


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