Building Maintenance Team
The mission of this team is the care and maintenance of all church property, this includes the church grounds, building and equipment, with special attention to safety.  We provide a pleasant and inviting environment in which to worship God and to give everyone an opportunity to serve God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Building Maintenance:

Schedule and repair of church equipment, plumbing, electrical, etc. for the Building.
Repair/replace items for the building and recommend improvements.
Set up/tear down tables, chairs, and equipment for church events.
Contact with outside vendors/volunteers.
Maintain records for the building.

Grounds Maintenance:

Keep church grounds maintained by mowing, trimming, and watering grass.
Maintain trees and plants.
Keep all ground areas free of debris.
Maintain parking lot.
Plan for future use of land and improvements.
Playground maintenance and equipment.


We are always in need of people who have the desire, talent, or skills needed for making repairs, maintaining the grounds, and general clean up around the church.  If you have time and would like to volunteer, or if you would like to just find out more information, we would love to visit with you! 


Marvin Shelton Team Leader
(512) ‚Äč563-5870