by LPCC Admin on May 24th, 2017

Mark 6:46 after leaving them, he went up on a mountainside to pray.

What do you do after a spiritual victory? Where do you go after reaching a high point in your Christian life? Jesus went to pray! Jesus had just fed over 5,000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fish. I don’t know about you but I would consider this a real high point.

​Showing people who were gathered there the power of God by feeding them with one little boys lunch seemed like a big deal. Most of us would kick back, enjoy, and celebrate this tremendous victory. Jesus on the other hand climbed a mountain to be alone and pray. When Jesus prayed, the Father revealed His will and His ways to his Son. It eventually dawned on Jesus’ disciples that Jesus prepared for every major decision and difficult challenge with a time of prayer.

It is very tempting to relax after a spiritual victory, but a crisis could follow at any time. You need to stand guard over your high points. It is at these times when you experience God’s mighty victories that you should immediately find a quiet and solitude place to pray. Follow Jesus’ example and go immediately to a place of prayer so the father can prepare you for what is coming.

At Lost Pines Cowboy Church, we are experiencing victories every day. God is doing mighty works within our church. Let’s pray!

Pastor Terry

by LPCC Admin on May 12th, 2017

In last Sunday’s message I talked about the difference between our rights and God’s laws. 1stJohn 3:4, everyone who commits sin also breaks the law; sin is the breaking of law.

It’s a dangerous thing to live your life without a spiritual standard, by which you determine right from wrong. God’s word should be that standard. Spiritual laws, like physical laws, are meant to protect you, not restrict you.

God established absolute moral and spiritual laws that we are free to ignore, but we do so at our own risks. These laws are timeless. Culture does not supersede them. God’s laws are eternal and they will save you from death if you follow them.

How important are the laws of God for your life? Without them, you would be robbed of the delights God has in store for you. Sin is choosing a standard other than God’s law which you base your life. If you are measuring your life by that of your neighbors, or society, or your worldly rights, you are basing your life on the lawlessness, and lawlessness is sin.

When you get ready to make a decision, pray about it, check out what the Scripture says pertaining to that decision, or seek counseling. God will bless you when you follow his plan!

Pastor Terry

Posted on April 24th, 2017

​Weekly Howdy 4/24/17

James 5:19 - 20, My brothers, if any among you strays from the truth, and someone turns him back, let him know that whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his life from death and cover a multitude of sins.

Some Christians maintain that it is none of their business if another chooses to sin. They are convinced that they are being judgmental if they respond to someone in sin. The world persuades them not to get involved, but this inaction prevents them from being an effective intercessor.

As Christians we are aware that sin brings death. Romans 6: 23, for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Sin kills relationships, it tears marriages a part, it keeps us from having joy in our lives, and it destroys peace. When we see someone wander from the truth how should we respond? When Jesus saw sin it broke his heart. Jesus wept over entire cities as he saw them rejecting the truth. He prayed for His disciples to be strong when they were tempted. He warned those who were heading toward spiritual failure. Jesus was even willing to die to save people from their sins because He knew the devastation that sin causes. Jesus never stood idle as those around him were led astray by their sin. He always took an active role in turning them back to God.

Minding your own business will save you some discomfort, but it will not help a brother or a sister who needs to return to the Lord. Be alert, in the event that God asks you to comfort your friend. If you’re called on to do that, be loving and gentle and humble but be careful that you’re not tempted also, and you fall into sin.

Galatians 6:1 Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.

Pastor Terry

by LPCC Admin on April 20th, 2017

Our God is a God of Second Chances...

Mark 16:7  But go, tell His disciples and Peter, He is going ahead of you to Galilee; you will see Him there just as He told you.

Does God give 2nd chances to those who failed him? He sure did for Peter. Peter had proudly and boldly announced that he was Jesus’ most reliable disciple but Peter not only fled with the other disciples in the moment of crisis, but he also blatantly denied he even knew Jesus. Peter failed so miserably that he went out into the night and wept bitterly (Luke 22:62).

How compassionate and loving our risen Christ was to Peter! The Angel gave the woman at the tomb special instructions not only to let the disciples know but also to let Peter know that he was risen. Jesus even took Peter aside to allow him the opportunity to reaffirm his love and commitment. (Remember he asked him 3 times Peter do you love me)? Our risen Lord also chose Peter as his primary spokesman on the day of Pentecost, when 3,000 people were added to the church.

God’s desire is to take you from where you are and bring you to where he wants you to be. God not only does it with individuals but he also does it with his church. Easter Sunday was a great example with 514 people in attendance to our Easter service; I stopped counting at 135 children participating in the Easter egg hunt. Our God is a God of 2nd chances. When the risen Christ found his defeated followers hiding together in an upper room, Jesus’ 1st word was peace. Jesus’ 1stwords to you after you fail may also be “peace”. Jesus may find you down and out, stomped on and trampled over, then just like the disciples bring you peace. He wants you to believe in him, follow him, and obey him. Don’t give up if you failed your Lord. Remember what happened to Peter. He may be asking you at this very moment “do you love me”? If you are one of his disciples, he is not yet finished developing you!

Pastor Terry

by LPCC Admin on April 13th, 2017

​Matthew 19:22" when the young man heard that command, he went away grieving, because he had many possessions".

Your life is the sum of the responses you have made towards God. God makes himself known to you, what you do next is your decision. Your reaction reflects what you believe about him. The rich, young ruler lived in a moral life. He was well-versed in Scripture and in the laws of God. But his response to Jesus'invitation clearly showed that, although he possessed a Knowledge of the teachings of God, he did not know God in a personal way that could be demonstrated by a response of faith. Whenever the Lord speaks to you, it will require an adjustment in your life. The truth can dramatically affect your prayer life. Every time you pray you must be aware that if God answers your prayer and reveals his will to you, it will immediately require you to make changes in your life. Each time you read your Bible, you must be prepared to obey what God tells us. Why did God use Peter and James and John so significantly to turn their world upside down? And then why were there others, like the rich young ruler, who we never heard of again in the Scriptures? It was choices! The disciples chose to believe, and their belief was proven by their obedience and their actions. The rich, young ruler could not bring himself to obey, and Scripture tells us that "he went a way sorrowful." We are all faced with the same question as the rich young ruler. What adjustments are we willing to make in order to respond positively to what Christ has asked us to do? Will we be like Peter and James and John and be obedient or will we be like the rich young ruler and go way sorrowfully? It goes back to the choices that we make.

I am very excited about the upcoming weekend. We, at Lost Pines Cowboy Church, have made some choices. Choices for our outreach, choices for our fellowship, and choices for our ministering to others in our community. I do not know of anyone else that we celebrate their birth and also their death. Only Jesus Christ!

Make sure you come and join us Sunday morning. 1st service at 9 AM, 2nd service at 10:30 AM. Easter egg hunt at 11:30. Stay for the hamburger and hot dog meal with a time of fellowship and sharing.

Pastor Terry
Reminder: LPCC Prayer Night Tomorrow April 13, 2017 7:00 p.m.