Lost Pines Cowboy Church is a place for new beginnings where we place a higher value on relationships and community than we do positions and possessions.  At cowboy church, it doesn't matter what you look like, what you do or where you've been.  Boots or suits, open fields or offices, horses or Harleys, bruised, battered, beaten or just plain bored... it doesn't matter.  You are always welcome here.  Most people who come to visit stay.  The reason is always the same; they feel at home.  Come as guests, leave as family.

Getting alone with god
new sermon series on prayer

​Most of us sing about God; many of us think about God; we frequently talk about God, and even occasionally ask other people about God. But most of us do not talk to God regularly. Of course, some people might accuse you of psychological problems if you admit you talk to God.  Yet, recent surveys confirmed that one in five people who have prayed at some point in their lives no longer pray. Could it be that we are missing something important about prayer?

Join us for this new sermon series, and discover just what might be missing in prayer if you are missing praying. You can also join us by participating in our online 40 Day Prayer Journey Devotional.​ 
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Sunday Service at 10:30am
Pastor Greg Long

334 Roemer Road
Elgin, TX 78621
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White Dove Bluegrass Gospel band Sunday August 26th

Wednesday Night Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Contact Joey Miller, Lay Pastor
Kids' Corral Promotion Sunday August 19th
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Next steps September 16th

​Next Steps - is to learn more about our church history, our ministries, how we grow and what your next step is at LPCC.  This is a short 20-30 minute fellowship and a time for cookies and questions.  You bring the questions and we provide the cookies!  Immediately following the worship service in Classroom 1 downstairs.  Sign Up today!
SEPTEMBER 16, 2018 is National Back to Church Sunday!

National Back to Church Sunday started as a call to action and invitation – action for the church, invitation for the world. A single-day event focused on extending the invitation of love, peace and hope to our friends and neighbors. A single day to reclaim the true nature of Church – exactly as Christ commanded. Incredibly, since then, more than 4-million Christ-followers have participated through over 30,000 churches…and the movement is still growing.

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