Today is the Day!  Our church services, meetings, and gatherings are now held at: 334 Roemer Rd, Elgin,TX.    
~ Sunday Worship Service is at 10:30 every Sunday.

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Starting Point Class is held  Sundays, April 27th through June 29th @ 8:30am.  If you'd like to learn more about LPCC or learn how to walk with God a little better, come to class and stretch yourself.  You'll have a great time, learn a few things, and make some friends!

Join us for Next Steps April 27th at noon, right after service.  Come by and learn about church involvment, 'what's a cowboy church?' and ways to grow in your relationship with Christ.

From the Horses Mouth
 The month of April will mark a milestone in the life of Lost Pines Cowboy Church that will be one of the foundational pillars for the future of our church. On Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014, we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, our Lord, and hold our first worship service in our new home. Just two weeks shy of our church’s fifth anniversary, we will move to our first, permanent, church-owned campus. The journey has been short in time but long in perseverance. We started on May 3, 2009 at the FFA Show Barn in Elgin, TX. From that initial location, we moved to the SPJST Lodge, to the Elgin Memorial Park, to the VFW on some Sundays when we had no place to meet, and finally, to the Cattle Company restaurant and saloon the past two and a half years. Yes, a church in a saloon! Elgin, TX may be the only place in the world where there is a restaurant that houses a church instead of a bar! Frequently during our wilderness wanderings, I reminded our church family that you might be a member of the cowboy church if you don’t know where you are meeting the next Sunday! I have good news for you today. You will never have to wonder or wander about our church home again! God has brought us to the place He has provided for the building of His church. 
We have focused a lot on the church building over the past year. I am humbled by our church family and the commitment of so many people to accomplish the completion of the facility. EVERYONE has had a significant hand in this project – the giving of funds, the planning and preparation for the finances, the bids and contracts, the volunteers who have sacrificed time, blood, sweat and tears, and several people in our community who are not members of our church but donated their time and expertise to help us. There are no adequate words to express the deep gratitude in our hearts to all of you. Thank you.
This facility is a testimony to what people with a common purpose and goal to glorify God can accomplish. Do you realize that with only two exceptions, volunteers have accomplished the completion of the new facility? That says so much about the big hearts of God’s people and our big God! Thank you to every one of you for all you have done to build this building!
We are appropriately proud of our new campus. But we know that the church is more than a location. What is most important is the gathering of God’s people called Lost Pines Cowboy Church. We are the fulfillment of a prediction Jesus spoke two thousand years ago when he said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18). The greatest testimony to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the fact that he is alive today is the continuing growth and fulfillment of the body of Christ we call the church. We have been invited to participate in fulfilling Jesus’ promise through investing and serving in the ministry of the church. As followers of Christ, we are at the epicenter of all God is doing in our world today. What is God asking you to do to further his purposes and plans to make Christ followers of all peoples in every nation? We share the heritage of billions of Christians over the past two thousand years who are witnesses to God’s amazing grace. What a family!
With our new home and a growing family, we have a stewardship of influence in our community to be God’s people. It is for a time such as this that God has given us the privilege and responsibility to be Christ followers at Lost Pines Cowboy Church. The ministry we invest in today will become the foundation of God’s continued work in the future until one day someone will say, “I never thought much about God and religion until one day a friend invited me to Lost Pines Cowboy Church. I am so thankful to those who invested so much in this church. Without their commitment and dedication to the calling of God, I would not be a Christian today.”
That is why we do what we do. That’s why we are here. If you are looking for a church family, just curious about a cowboy church, or thinking about trying to reconnect with God, stop by and see us. Or better yet, just come on over and join us on Easter Sunday! You just might be surprised what you will find!
Greg and Bonnie

Services & Events

Join us for Saddle Up Bible Study 
Every Thursday @ 7:00 pm
(Childcare is Provided)
*Don't forget, we'll have Bible Study at 334 Roemer Road!

Youth Group
Meet every Tuesday night at 7pm
Pre-teen to teenagers, come one come all!  Contact Paige Webb with questions (512) 281-6020

Starting Point
April 27th - June 29th, Sundays @ 8:30am -
Grow yourself and join us!

Next Steps
April 27th @ noon

Join us for a quick meeting to learn how to get involved at LPCC and come by and ask questions about church, faith, or whatever you'd like!

Women of LPCC
May 21st - July 2nd
Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm
Nehemiah - "A Heart That Can Break"
See the Women's Bible Study link under the 'Ministries' tab for more info and upcoming studies.
*Sign up and get your book on Sunday at the Information Table.

***Although we've moved in, we still have some more work to do.  Our interior planning team will continue to evaluate the many items we currently have to create a warm, inviting atmosphere at our church. Going forward, please present thoughts or items for consideration to:
Margie Peterson:
Nene Simmons:
Ashley Snelus:

Please let us know if you have a prayer request.